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Oh Please Be Your Own Hero: Manifesting Survival Guide
Published December 15, 2022

Oh Please! Be Your Own Hero

Manifest Your Best Life Now! Manifesting Survival Guide.

Find out the real reasons why you aren’t living the life you love. Get out from under the feeling of being dissatisfied with your manifesting. Get motivated, get “unstuck”, and manifest your deepest desires faster than you ever imagined.
You are about to learn why the Universal Laws haven’t been working for you (in the ways you want). You will understand what you keep doing that keeps your manifestations and good feelings just out of reach. You will finally stop wasting time being frustrated with wanting something better for yourself. And so much more!

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*Available in digital and print versions on multiple platforms.

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Manifesting Is Both Science & Spiritual

Deciding to take hero action in your life to manifest your desires is so badass!

Living your best life and manifesting your dreams is a lot easier to do than you may think. Once you understand a few key principles then it will all make sense to you. Anyone can manifest amazing life experiences (Even You)!.


There is a connection between us and everything in the Universe. You may not see it, but The Field is there. There are Universal Laws that govern everything in The Field and your life. You put up roadblocks that keep you from manifesting your own desires.  I’ll teach you how to balance the Science of Manifesting and the Spiritual part of it too.


Who’s your hero? You are! Are you ready to manifest your best life? Let’s do it!

Hero Action Steps To Manifesting


Connect to Source & Begin Focus on Better


Release Work & Begin Shifting to Positives


Learn to Allow, Trust & Enjoy Manifestations

How can I help you become your own hero?

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Tribe Love

Her readings and spiritual guidance have helped tremendously in my healing process and my experience during the pandemic would have been a lot different and much less optimistic if I hadn’t watched her videos. She uses and interprets tarot cards but sometimes I feel like she doesn’t always need them because she channels an abundance of helpful advice straight from Spirit. She’s a positive force and very grounded and down to earth, which is not always common in the New Age and spiritual communities. Feather has helped me with the most important task, of loving and believing in mysel
Tribe Love Nourish Heal Live
My friend & I had the most fantastic readings today! Feather was spot on with everything! This woman is amazing! We asked many questions & they were all answered! I have never had a tarot reading before this & I must say, now I am completely hooked! I highly recommend getting a reading or tuning into her you tube channel! She is very insightful & professional! I give you 10 stars!! Thank you soo much for your honesty & clarity on so many personal questions!! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest now bcuz of you! I will forever be grateful!!!
Tribe Love Nourish Heal Live
Just want to say if you can, book a coaching session with Feather. I have been in a pretty bad place lately - not knowing how to cope - Feather talked me through the steps to find hope again it’s up to me to do the work but now I know what I need to do, I feel calm and talking to her immediately relaxed me. Feather answered all my questions and it all makes sense now. I am looking forward not backwards which is a very big step. Thank you Feather
Tribe Love Nourish Heal Live

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